Limited Product Warranty

Alan Wire Company warrants its title to the products sold by it and warrants to the Purchaser that its products are free of defects of workmanship or material and are in conformity with applicable ASTM and/or Underwriter’s Laboratories specifications and descriptions referred to or set out herein.

No claim shall be maintained hereunder unless the facts giving rise to it are discovered within 12 months of shipment and written notice thereof given to Alan Wire within 30 days of discovery.

The sole and exclusive liability to Alan Wire Company for breach of warranty shall be to refund the purchase price of, or at its option, to replace or repair, the product or part concerned F.O.B. its factory or such other place as it may designate. The warranties stated in this document are exclusive of all other warranties, written or oral, statutory, express or implied, none of which shall apply to the sale of Alan Wire Company’s products hereunder. Lengths of cable which are replaced by Alan Wire Company in accordance with foregoing shall become the property of Alan Wire Company and shall be returned to it by the Purchaser. No returned merchandise will be accepted without written permission.

In addition, Alan Wire Company guarantees that our THHN/THWN-2 size 4 AWG and larger may be installed into PVC or metal conduit without additional lubrication. If our product is found to be defective, Alan Wire agrees to reimburse the contract for direct cost to replace the defective product. Alan Wire reserves the right to require inspection of installed product in question prior to removal.

This warranty is void unless contract follows standard industry guidelines used in installation of 600 volt power cable into conduit. Also the warranty does not apply to any misuse of our products, including use contrary to our specifications, guides, or applicable building codes.